Zhenai landing A shares Countdown last year net profit of 100 million Austrian Airlines intends to

just to get involved in the general aviation industry, the German manufacturer of kitchen appliances Austrian Airlines again cross, this is the acquisition of dating web site treasure.

, a major reorganization of assets due to the suspension of nearly two months German shipping Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "German navigation", 002260), February 15th afternoon announcement that the reorganization of the subject of Shenzhen city make network information technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "treasure").

on the reorganization, the announcement said the German navigation currently one of the main business of home appliance manufacturers have started upgrading from traditional OEM business to the integrated scheme directly to consumers of family life provider, to create "Internet plus" new formats, interactive and build the company appliance business and emerging Internet business and integration. The company and zhenai in business philosophy, business integration and O2O life industry ecosystem build has great prospects for cooperation and integration, for home appliances business transformation promotion and lay a solid foundation.


announcement, cherished network was founded in May 13, 2004, is the Ministry of industry in 2016 China Internet 100 companies, at the same time in the rankings in 2016 the Ministry of C – BPI China brand influence, cherished network in the network marriage category ranked first. Cherished network through the Internet (including mobile Internet) to provide online self-help service, for the majority of single men and women O2O Zhiyingdian "one to one" matchmaker service and call the "one to one" matchmaker service. 2016 treasure net operating income of about 1 billion yuan, net profit attributable to the parent company after deducting non recurring gains and losses of about $100 million yuan.

according to the announcement, the transaction based de Aotong Airlines intends to completed the demolition within the framework of the VIE of the target company, the target company purchased 100% shares issued by way of equity and raise matching funds, the specific program is still in the demonstration process, has not yet finalized.

announced that the company is expected to continue the suspension is not more than a month (from February 17, 2017).

according to public information, treasure net is a dating site, the former U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley professional managers, the United States and the United States and the United States to leave the United States DELL professional manager of the company founded by the manager of. It has been more than ten years of operating history, creating a "network selection and artificial matchmaker marriage service model, designed for urban white-collar high achievement of marriage. Its official website shows that up to 100 million users.

, however, while addressing the single issue for millions of urban men and women, it seems that the object to which the web has chosen is less "single-minded."".

de navigation official website, the company formerly known as elecpro electrical Limited by Share Ltd, founded in 1993, is one of the largest production base of Chinese kitchen electric equipment and products, to provide intelligent appliances and commercial kitchen electric equipment products R & D, to more than and 30 countries worldwide customers manufacturing and marketing services.

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