The cross border tax 3 Day Countdown they call to stockpile

cross-border electricity supplier into the countdown to the implementation of the new tax system, the industry believes that this means that the sea Amoy low threshold era ended. At the same time, a lot of love of the sea Amoy consumers who have found that in recent days, a number of cross-border electronic business platform is through "tax hikes, fast hoarding" way and vigorously promotion.

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three days after the implementation of the new cross-border electricity supplier retail tax

according to authoritative reports, the Ministry of Finance jointly with the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation issued 24 new policy of China’s cross-border e-commerce retail import tax, since April 8, 2016, cross-border e-commerce retail imports will no longer according to postal items parcel tax levied on goods, but according to the tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax.

Before the

, China has been on the personal use, a reasonable amount of cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods in the actual operation by parcel tax levy, most commodity tax rate of 10%, lower than similar domestic sales of general trade imports and domestic goods tax. And this time, the three sector is clear, cross-border electricity supplier retail imports of goods a single transaction limit of RMB 2000 yuan, the annual limit for the individual transactions of RMB 20000 yuan. Within the limits of the import of cross-border electricity supplier retail imports of goods, the tariff rate is set to 0%; import value-added tax, excise tax exemption tax exemption, temporarily levied by the statutory tax payable of 70%. More than a single limit value, accumulated more than a single individual annual trading limit, as well as the single tax price of more than 2000 yuan limit of indivisible goods, in accordance with general trade tax in full.

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a lot of cross-border business promotion of new call

after the release of the news, causing a lot of sea Amoy enthusiasts attention. But reporters in recent days through some cross-border electronic business platform is found, a lot of cross-border electronic business platform is a special "promotion", they shouted "new tax storm", while crying to the consumer goods store.


yesterday, the reporter saw in Ningbo local cross-border electronic business platform, cross-border shopping website, the business platform, hit the "tax hit, the last crazy stockpile" and "rising taxes, fast stockpile" and other words, some businesses also affect the tax change on different categories of commodity price list table including baby food, cosmetics etc..

in addition, several cross-border electronic business platform, including,, darling, all network launched the "clearance" mode, to encourage consumers to hoard goods in the implementation of a new deal before. For example, proposed the "last bloodletting" slogan, also put forward the "cross-border electricity supplier empty warehouse" slogan.

, a cross-border electricity supplier business executives explained to reporters that the largest sales of bonded imported models are some of the lower value of maternal and child supplies and low-cost cosmetics, so many businesses >

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