Alibaba Group acquired mogujie com

[introduction] sources said, the purchase amount of $200 million, but Ali and has yet to comment.


Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on October 20th

according to the investment bank of Tencent technology revealed that Alibaba group has acquired Another source said the acquisition amount of $200 million. In this regard, Alibaba group and has not yet been given comments.

in September this year, Taobao shopping guide class sharing platform excellent official website to third party shopping guide and developers to open, and the establishment of a $500 million fund to invest and support the other side of the shopping guide website and other external partners. According to sources close to Alibaba group, the acquisition of as part of the $500 million fund to support.

data show that on March 2010 on-line. In 2011, conducted two rounds of financing totaling $20 million, a Bertelsmann A round of investment, B round investors for qiming. October 2012, the completion of the C round of financing, IDG collar investment.

in the social field of electricity providers, Alibaba made several attempts, such as the introduction of Pinterest products for wow, love shopping, shopping platform sharing pictures interactive community stubborn rabbit, interest map website circle, an open platform Amoy electricity supplier shopping guide found, but failed to cause the trend.

perhaps see their weakness, Ali group in April this year to $586 million investment in Sina micro-blog, to build a large community system including Taobao big ali.

analysts believe that, for Alibaba group, the acquisition of can make up for the short board community products, for, Alibaba group is also a good destination. It is reported that is " Ali Department " entrepreneurial team, the founder of June that comes from Alibaba group.

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