The Montenegrin domain name ME open registration

meter statue news network May 7th, Montenegro is located in the southwest of the country of Yugoslavia gate (Montenegro, the old translation "Montenegro") of the national domain name (.Me) today officially open to the world register.

Montenegro gate



because of the suffix "ME" and the word "I" to English object, so the registration service providers as an excuse to start a global promotion, "", "" or "" phrase nature of the.Me domain name is strongly recommended. Earlier also have domain name extension charge translation method, similar example:.Cc has been translated as "Chinese company",.Tm is translated as "trademark",.Ws is translated as "WebSite", and has been widely recognized to be translated as "TV" or "video".Tv ccTLD (national / regional level domain), specific query can visit the website:


.Me query results:

remind the majority of users in the registration of such non local ccTLD domain name should be clear, do not be fooled by the hype over the hype. Moreover, the registration of such a new ccTLD domain name is often open every year to spend tens to hundreds of dollars, a registered money can register hundreds of our country’s.CN domain name.

in this respect, respect for the proposed network.Me domain name registration need to be careful, especially for the purpose of investment registration.

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