A different business Google inbound travel and Uber confrontation

August 31st, the "Wall Street journal" quoted sources said, Google in San Francisco launched their own ridesharing service, help commuters have to lower the price of carpooling. In the era of rapid development of shared travel, Google officially jumped into the fierce competition, and excellent step forward confrontation.

from Google’s plan, the service is different from Uber and Lyft and other companies to provide on-demand travel, Google ride service is through the Waze application to connect with the same direction of travel of the passengers and the driver, the goal is to reduce the fare as far as possible, to encourage owners to become a driver.

in May this year, Google has launched a pilot project in California headquarters, any local Waze registered users can only become a driver, such as Google, WAL-MART, Adobe and other San Francisco certain employees of large companies, can call the vehicle, including about 25 thousand employees, these passengers only commuting every day in a taxi when the two time payment the cost is 54 cents per mile, this fee is lower than that of Uber and Lyft, Google does not profit from.

sources said that Google plans to open this project to the entire region of San Francisco in September of this year. At the same time, Google is considering the use of shared travel services to test driverless cars, and Google executives also revealed that: sharing the trip will become a possible business model for driverless cars.

hunting cloud network learned, founded in Israel’s Waze acquired by Google in 2013, according to the information provided by the driver to provide real-time driving navigation service. Last year, Google began testing in Israel carpool service, and the development speed of this service is fast, has spread to most parts of israel. Although Google has not yet been charged, but sources said that Google will explore different rates in Israel and San Francisco in the future.

at present, the relationship between Google and Uber has changed. Since August 2013, Google venture to the largest ever investment – $258 million to Uber, the two have become a close partner. Less than a year later, Google venture also participated in the new round of financing Uber. But at this stage, Google and Uber may have positive competition in some areas.

, for example, Uber has plans to invest $500 million to develop a map project, the purpose is to get rid of dependence on Google maps, and open its driverless cars. Uber last year to dig up a map of the business has been responsible for Google’s digital map expert Blaine · London, Mike.

in the development of unmanned vehicles, the two sides are also actively devoted effort. Google as early as 2009 began to develop driverless cars, Uber was acquired last month by Google’s senior employees of the unmanned Truck Company founded Otto, which was founded only 6 months. Uber has Laizhejushang attitude after stepping up the pace, plan for the next few weeks in Pittsburgh to test the automatic driving a taxi, no >

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