Computer generated raise fly female university specialist

some college students no longer stay in the big cities, but chose to return to their hometown entrepreneurial. This is a new phenomenon in recent years. Although the beginning of the hard work, but with the help of the local government and the people around them, many of them have been through temporary difficulties, to achieve their dreams.

computer of female university created a "raise fly specialist

in a breeding workshop in Shandong County of Jiyang province Sungeng town Hongxin farms, millions of flies were kept in some square cages, upside down, a dark, forbidding. However, these ordinary people hate the little animal, but the university graduates Ai Baorong’s baby".

Ai Baorong graduated from the Department of computer science, University of Jinan in 2000, like other college students, in order to find a job to participate in the recruitment. However, to find a can let oneself to perform jobs easier said than done. The road of life is 10 million, and the crowd in the city, not to do the things you want to do! After careful consideration, Ai Baorong chose to return home.

admitted to the University of Ai Baorong to come back as a farmer, at first, it makes it difficult to understand villagers. Also, to return home after a year, Ai Baorong was married to a junior high school students of their own, because of his investment damaged, saddled with debt of $about 400000

!A lot of people in the village of

said Ai Baorong was crazy. But regardless of career or life, Ai Baorong on their choice are not regret, she has enough confidence to build their own lives. Since then, Ai Baorong and her husband opened a carnivorous shop, built a factory, after years of hard work, not only to repay all the debt, but also the accumulation of funds for their further business.

Ai Baorong returned home at the beginning, many people think that her college education in vain, living in the countryside, the book knowledge and what is the use? However, Ai Baorong later entrepreneurial vision let people know that it is for her college education beyond the general level. One day, she found the fly breeding project on the internet. The higher the education Ai Baorong received, she made a accurate judgment of the market situation in a very short time, and the immediate action learning breeding technology, breeding often opened today, her farm produce fresh worms has reached the level of more than and 30 tons, and will do business in the UK and South Korea through the net luo.

Ai Baorong called the flies breeding Musca domestica, and are regarded as pests that flies, the nutritional value of the maggot is very high, after sterilization, deodorization and dehydration, made of concentrated protein, food additives, can also be used in soy sauce, MSG of raw materials, low cost, broad market prospects.

was born to impoverished county students "millionaire"

Huimin County is an underdeveloped county in Shandong Province, many young people are leaving here, looking for opportunities for development in the field. Therefore, when graduated from the Shandong University, Pan Xuepeng does not stay in the big city, but returned to the hometown of the town behind the venture, did not cause a small boom in the local

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