Stationmaster net broadcast New MLM invasion WeChat illegal suction gold 2 billion 600 million Ju Xi

1 New MLM invasion WeChat space alert WeChat new scam  

"you light, I earn $" is a new type of MLM! "The Ministry of public security to play four black four pests office yesterday warned. Yesterday, the Ministry of public security "four black four pests" special action office official micro-blog news release, to remind people of a new type of network marketing and WeChat related traps. The micro-blog warned, "if someone gave you a micro channel, you must download the ‘visualtron’ APP, and the message" you light, I earn $’, be careful! This is the new network marketing! Tip: if the required entry fee, there is no real projects and products, the other was to develop off the assembly line, with any of them two, can judge the pyramid! Please firmly rejected, and persuade friends quit! "

according to the official website of the micro vision, MicroAll visualtron is one of Hongkong micro Media International Group Limited company products, its collection of telephone network, mobile office platform, display advertising platform and other functions, support for iOS and Android mobile phone system. Reporters found that, whether it is from its official website, or Apple’s mobile phone APP STORE, its IOS version download has expired or disappeared, but the Andriod version is still running normally.

2 "wide sound health TV doctor reported the illegal profits of 30 billion  

"health 365", "good health" Zhaohuaxishi, Xinglin ""…… These often appear in the major TV stations and local health care programs in the statement, was accused of hiding behind the amazing secret.

August 6th, Changchun city businessman Jiang Hailin in the multimedia witness, submitted his report to the Ministry of Public Security Bureau website. He reported that the object is the production of the above program: Guang Guang health group. In the report material, Jiang Hailin said, wide sound health group (formerly known as "sound broadcasting media company) planning, production and dissemination of illegal health food advertising, fraud in the elderly to buy their products, illegal profiteering.

sound wide health chairman Chen Xiao himself told me that the sound of a wide range of health programs in the country every day there are 400 million people watching. And only this year, 1-7 months, the company all kinds of health products, food, medicine, has achieved sales revenue of about 8000000000 yuan." August 6th, Jiang Hailin told the media that the sound of a wide range of health false propaganda, illegal sales of up to about 30000000000 yuan.

3 illegal suction gold 2 billion 600 million "Ju Xin" 13 people jailed for  

The highest

was sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 10 to 500 thousand different "joint to join the program as the basis, Beijing Ju Xin surplus Electronics Co., Ltd. legal representative, chairman and President of 13 people, in just two years time, under the guise of selling goods can get high returns, illegal absorption of more than 4 funds a total of 26 million yuan. Yesterday, Beijing City

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