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      she is also a frequent visitor to the recent Admin5, in this study SEO, I was caught, did a little interview, hoping to give more grassroots Adsense to inspire.


    she’s a Chinese major in college, a completely amateur computer, a Chinese language teacher in a vocational school in Sichuan, a lot of spare time for teachers, but most of the time before the game. The game in the legend 5 years later in our an unintentional sloshing, a video chat room in the music pop zither performances. Her childhood love triggered guzheng lovers, she met a lot of fancies of men of letters in guzheng lovers. Including several well-known singers at home now. Then she presses a zither website idea. Together with a classmate and sister, registered the domain name www.52mxkj.com, is the first to buy space with the DZ program to do a guzheng lovers space, learning by doing, after all, is to start empty-handed, at the beginning of the site, a PS based software application are not, do not, are now sell side. While doing the station search. After using PHP168 to do a comprehensive entertainment website guzheng resources information now, because the generation of two classes of Chinese, also help the students to collect some free resources information, put together in the website. Rich in content, the theme is unknown, a little grocery store, but the content is carefully selected.


      under her careful cultivation, the site currently has more than 500 IP per day. Just like before, also did not expect to have the income to the website, Admin5, found that website can profit, apply for the Google Adsense advertising, one day there are $1-2, behind the sites of interest, add a sense of achievement. Her future goal is to do a tutorial based guzheng ` ` white-collar bourgeoisie ` ` the theme of young people dream of space.


    because the class amateur more, with 4-5 hours on the site every day, every song, every article is she personally finishing to the site in the current order of nearly 5 G data. Tens of thousands of articles.

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