Mo Yan won the Nobel prize website are all kinds of tricks to get traffic


Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature, the Internet Co rapid marketing opportunity (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Zhu Xudong reported on October 12th

Mo Yan and the Nobel prize for literature has become the hottest topic of the Internet these days, and with the final award of the, the topic instantly detonated the internet.

Nobel of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, said the jury, the reality and fantasy, history and social perspective of the combination of Mo Yan. The world in his works is reminiscent of the fusion of Faulkner and Marcks’s works, and at the same time, he finds a starting point in Chinese traditional literature and oral literature.

although not necessarily all concerned about the matter of the Internet users have read Mo Yan’s work, but the first to get the Nobel prize in literature of the Chinese people, but also inevitably become the focus of attention of the people of the world, but it is also the focus of the people’s Republic of China in the world.

Internet platform in the dissemination of Mo Yan prize winning news, but also benefit from this, many Internet Co also quickly seized on the topic of marketing.

from the search hot words, Mo Yan and the Nobel prize for literature and other key words are ranked in the search list and hot Baidu seven days on the forefront of Baidu’s search completion in the user input "Mo" word will prompt "Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature".

is the Internet media properties, so the news of this topic to attract more users to read the news on the Internet; from the interactive social network said, because this topic is more active; and because of Mo Yan’s status of the author and the electronic commerce website also seize this opportunity to promote the sales of books, and even some other Internet Co are related with this topic, let more people understand their own products.

social network traffic surge

due to the existence of social networks such as micro-blog, Mo Yan prize winning news spread faster than ever before.

Mo Yan became the most popular news of the Nobel prize has long been circulated on the Internet, and in its award-winning recognition, the social network has begun to operate on this topic.

up to now, Mo Yan award-winning topic in the Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog ranked first, and far ahead of the second ranking topic. Tencent, which, as at 12 on the morning of 6 points, Mo Yan prize winning topic sparked more than 1 million 300 thousand discussions on the topic of micro-blog. The number of Tencent Mo Yan micro-blog fans also rapidly more than 6 million 200 thousand people.

Tencent micro-blog on the number of keywords Mo Yan began to rise from around October 6th, in October 10th was 18500. But after winning the confirmation, the number of keywords in October 11th, the rapid growth of more than 530 thousand.

if you look at the finer point of time, after the October 11th Mo Yan award recognition, the number of relevant broadcast really blowout. At 7 in the evening to 8>

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