Tencent network domain name Q plans to diversify the penguin legend

Tencent Inc in the field of Internet development so far, its broad interests from QQ related products, games, SNS products to micro-blog products, Tencent are major development projects, such as the recent on-line SNS friends community, Tencent made a lot of work in the project, the Tencent Inc in June with $100 thousand of the purchase price friend Larry domain pengyou.com, forwarded to the newly launched friends community.

in addition to the pengyou.com domain name, in June, Tencent bought a friend with another Pinyin domain name pengyou.net, the price is $one hundred thousand. After July, Tencent began to test the community channel friends, we can see that the importance of this new Tencent and the importance of the relevant domain name protection.

Prior to this,

registered qpic.cn domain name or as a QQ pattern of the center of the QQ image download, the same acquisition of qqun.com and qzone.com two domain names, as QQ space domain name. Among them, the qqun.com domain to 250 thousand yuan price acquisition.

in the Tencent related games, in addition to the QQ outside of the game, the Tencent does not stop for the agency in other games, the last stage of the launch of "super star" to develop Online web games, and enabled s.qq.com two domain names, in earlier March, Tencent and other game company, 3366.com independent domain name enable push game web site.

in addition, the Tencent micro-blog products business, Tencent will enable taotao.com early in 2007 launched the micro blogging site surging, after Sina micro-blog launched Tencent officially announced to stop the surging business, and after a brief battle with sina Tencent integrating business suspension, this Tencent seems to secretly "rivalry" launched accumulate steadily. My micro-blog products, and enabled t.qq.com two domain name.

for the micro-blog products, the Tencent is under the foot of the period, in order to test the strength of micro-blog products, the Tencent to buy url.cn low-key short URL domain name, domain name registration boom set off on the "URL" combination ", as one of the classic Internet domain name series URL" added proof force.

nevertheless, these Tencent products related to the domain name although the purchase price is not cheap, but until now most of domain name is forwarded to the QQ.COM two domain names, which are not independent enabled, visible, enabled Tencent shape for the relevant brand and its two level domain name "QQ" did not leave the main girder, Tencent has been creating diversified development "cyber Penguin QQ" initiative for the domain name strategy, on the other hand, as the Tencent development projects related to the domain name protection, whether registered or through different ways to acquire the domain name and other acts, the Tencent is very awesome.

I believe that Tencent has created a unique development of the domestic Internet Penguin legend culture, which can not only expand >

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