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Beijing, July (17) (IT channel Zuo Shengdan) charges or no fees, which is a problem plagued Sina micro-blog. Charges will undoubtedly damage the user experience, but it does not hurt Sina’s own interests.

at present, according to reports, Sina’s first quarter loss has reached $13 million 700 thousand, while micro-blog’s profit model is still in the exploratory stage.

analysis thinks, because sina will excessive expectations on micro-blog, micro-blog for commercial attitude of cautious, treated like a "golden eggs", dare to touch, forcing it, thus fall into the dilemma of today.

operating results decreased single quarter loss of $10 million

Sina’s operations are not optimistic, the full year net loss of $302 million 100 thousand in 2011, this bad situation in 2012 did not improve in the first quarter of this year, Sina lost $13 million 700 thousand. The overall decline in the performance of the company, reflecting the decline in the operating income of the news portal, as well as the continued investment in micro-blog’s business in terms of revenue is difficult to significantly improve the reality of the situation.

according to earnings, Sina operating costs in the fourth quarter of 2011 rose to $60 million 730 thousand, an increase of 30%, while operating expenses increased by more than $66 million 720 thousand to $82%. Sina explained that operating expenses increased mainly from human related expenses, marketing expenses and increase the cost of infrastructure related to micro-blog. According to Sina reported last year, Sina for micro-blog in personnel, infrastructure and marketing costs and other aspects of investment of about $120 million, which became the biggest reason for the loss of sina last year.

, according to Sina CEO Cao Guowei revealed that sina micro-blog this year will invest 160 million U.S. dollars into the micro-blog business. But crazy investment, in exchange for the benefits are less and less. Sina micro-blog’s own development, but also began to encounter a certain bottleneck. Data statistics, Sina micro-blog’s new users per month, down from 20 million to about $10 million, the company’s share price, but also from the peak of $130, down to $49.

is actually not a loss of micro-blog Sina, which is a common problem faced by the entire micro-blog industry. Micro-blog "ancestor" of the Twitter is also currently looking for business model. Currently, Sina has been on the line for nearly three years, more than 300 million of users, how to implement the user resources, Sina micro-blog is an urgent need to solve the problem.

commercial enterprises are struggling individuals do not buy


micro-blog from the beginning of this year, the ongoing exploration of the business, micro-blog launched a membership system last month, users pay a monthly service fee of 10 yuan, you can enjoy the attention line, improve personalized template and other privileges. In addition, Sina also micro number >

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