Beijing through the network to deal with more than 50 people involved in the fight against terrorism October 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lu Guoqiang) 9 reporter learned from the Beijing police, since 2011, Beijing police set up a special team, launched a thorough investigation, in view of the network crime at present, arresting criminal suspects involved in the network of more than 3 people, clean up the Internet harmful information of more than 1700, and through the network investigation against terrorism more than 50 people.


for organized manufacturing network spread rumors behavior, Beijing police has arrested Qin fire fire stand two split four "and" big ballad ", and investigate the reputation of the company and other illegal behavior of Network Public Relations pr company. This year, the Beijing police to carry out the fight against violence and fear of audio and video act, a comprehensive clean-up of illegal information on the internet. At the end of June, the police Mopai online more than 3300 clues involving terrorism, disposal of terrorism related audio and video and 728 e-books, and combating terrorism related personnel more than 50 people.

in the presence of illegal Internet unit, Beijing police efforts to increase the administrative punishment and interviews. Among them, in 2011 the punishment of illegal business units more than 1000, in 2013 the punishment of illegal Internet units more than 11 thousand.

at the same time, the Beijing police for the network theft and Internet fraud crimes, establish multi police coordination mode to combat the linkage, online and offline, making full use of investigative measures, promote the network crime "scale" blow, detection of the effects from the Internet fraud cases, involving firearms and explosives.

data show that in 2011, Beijing police cracked a network involving more than 3500 cases, criminal suspects and arrested more than 3600; in 2012, cracked a network involving more than 3800 cases, criminal suspects and arrested more than 4200 people; 2013 cracked a network involving more than 7200 cases, arrested 2.3 suspects illegal million, involving network the number of cases increased year by year.

it is understood that, as of the end of 2013, the number of record sites in Beijing more than 90, gathered more than 70% of the country’s large portal, the number of Internet users exceeded the number of people, Internet penetration rate of up to 75.8%.

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