A5 webmaster network first web design website production course training

course overview

training objectives: proficient in CSS, write in line with the requirements of the web page, in order to search engine included. Common CMS use, can use the common CMS quickly build their own needs of the site.

course information

[time] September 5, 2013

[object] love program development, website design, website development, website construction crowd

course enrollment


yuan / person


Q, current electronic commerce technical director of a company in Ningbo, engaged in the development of the network teaching and the front page. Familiar with CSS layout, HTML good code structure, like jQuery, PHP and Linux

training features

1, a comprehensive DIV+CSS knowledge system. From here you can go from zero to CSS ace is not a problem.

2, rich practical experience. Have hundreds of size CSS project development experience, from the station to the portal experience, know how the shortcut to learning CSS novice.

3, a reasonable course allows you to learn from the shallower to the deeper gradually.

4, the system’s knowledge base, allowing you to easily query and get common CSS effects.

5, tuition fees of $580, the price is very value, online learning, work two.

6, permanent VIP members, the current will not be allowed to join the next semester until learned.

7, teach you how to quickly build a website.

8, A5 reputation, quality assurance, not satisfied with the lecture can apply for a full refund.

9, a professional online video lecture software, you can directly watch the instructor’s desktop operating process

10, the lecture was completed for 10-20 minutes answering time, you can solve all kinds of practical problems.

course arrangement

a basic knowledge

1, had to say nonsense: opening.

2, the necessary software: firefox+firebug, ietester, Chrome browser, opera browser, focusing on firebug, ietester use

3, recommend a few useful front-end design software: EDITPLUS, GVIM, webstorm

(see full speed using the VIM editor to edit the page, the speed, the efficiency is not half the effort can be described, you have to fall in love

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