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Sina blog does not support JS, this is what the earth people know. (strongly recommended Sina open JS, now which blog does not support JS ah!!) This allows us to personalize the blog has become a difficult task, there is no way to bypass the restrictions on Sina JS? Yes! That is the framework"!  

      the meaning of the frame is to put others in the pages of their web pages, Sina does not support the premise of JS, which has become the only way we can use the JS effect.

      code is as follows:

marginheight="   hspace="   vspace=" 0"   frameborder=" 0"   scrolling=" no" > < 0" /iframe> 0"

        the middle of the web site, please change your address. Width and height also set up their own, scrolling is a scroll bar, set to no no scroll bar.

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