Baby tree completed 10 million financing of maternal and child sites favored

baby tree announced a total of $10 million in a new round of financing successfully completed, while the site officially removed the beta version. In this regard, industry analysts believe that the current rapid development of the maternal and infant industry website, is becoming a new industry in favor of venture capital. Jingwei venture partners in China, baby tree founder and director Shao Yibo said: baby tree round and the two round of venture capital funds are mainly from Jingwei venture capital. The baby tree to inject new nutrients, it is hoped that it can provide better services to the mother and child industry in china."

it is understood that at present there are many such parenting experience for users to exchange platform, while the domestic baby industry is still in its infancy, but the parents do not divide an area will have a desire for parenting experience exchange, so mother industry great business opportunities. Baby tree CEO Wang Huainan said: "today, the domestic industry is still in the early 10 years ago Chinese entered the fast food period. The rapid growth of maternal and child market, making the industry is on the eve of the outbreak. I hope to give more people to provide development opportunities." Wang Huainan said that although there are a lot of similar competitors at home, but the current domestic companies have done well. He said: I hope a year and a half can have a profit pattern." To this end, the baby tree has begun to try starting from online to offline mode, January 27th, baby tree first center opened.

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