Baidu audition after it


suddenly heard Baidu "audition" by it, sometimes wondered what is the meaning of "Baodiao" I asked a friend to know, Baidu Post Bar in the "dance mission" is the so-called no content waste paste to the explosion, many people resist the "strong dance in which". I can’t help wondering, in such an hour of grief, this little game. Why would become a target for all, remain perplexed despite much thought of me after many inquiries, careful inquiry, finally learned that the cause of things……

May 12, 2008 is a let all Chinese were distraught when there killed tens of thousands of people’s life in Wenchuan 8 earthquake, many people witnessed a misfortune, bereaved tragedy, more people are falling tears for this scene tragic scene. So in order to pay homage to the dead in the disaster of the dead, the May 19th – May 21st as the national day, in the meantime, the national and foreign institutions Xiaban Qi, stop public recreational activities, mourning.

since it is to stop public entertainment, online games naturally also in which, in the morning of May 19th, the major online games companies have issued a notice, decided to close all the game server three days. But according to a senior game player said at the audition, only including "dance group", a few games are "crimes against the wind", ignoring the national crisis continue to operate. Until around 13 p.m. on May 19th, almost all of the games have been closed, began a long period of up to three days of mourning.

It was

– "dance group" game player insult victims

when all the people are quietly die when ghosts mourning, suddenly someone will jump out at Sichuan, or even an insult in the earthquake victims of the earthquake, claiming that leaving himself can not play the game, Sichuan should put people around the shock to death. This speech is appeared in the "dance mission", who made this remark is a "dance group" game player. The online audition and broke a game player named "congratulations to the people of Sichuan to establish successful dead room game screenshots.

these two things out, then quickly spread in the network, users around the instantaneous by grief into anger, generally consisting of a variety of "representative team", have entered the "dance mission" began blasting action. Suddenly, the "dance mission" in condemning the four, "Baodiao stick" constantly, people together to denounce the speech to the initiator of evil rope method. Almost every page refresh to see a new group of "Baodiao paste".

at the end of it — "audition". Calling all damn victims

maybe delete delete a brain fever, and perhaps "true feelings", after several rounds of "Baodiao" by Post Bar it was also openly clamoring for the victims is damn, shouted it friends, such a move to further intensify the netizen "dance"

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