A rookie on the site of confusion

04 years I was looking for life in other industry workers, because the surrounding friends loves the Internet, I also occasionally wandering on the Internet at that time, since the beginning of contact network, only know how to chat, games and other entertainment some things, but some substantial news is perhaps the most important I on the Internet things. At that time, the four major portals are more popular. In my personal opinion, I should have a deep impression on Sohu. Gradually know on the Internet is also a kind of money. To tell the truth, the network is the most attractive to me or online venture can invest less, more suitable for some of our economic conditions are not good. So I generally accepted the psychological network. Often search some information about a website on the Internet, also known as Admin5 that time, basically every day to see some news about what kind of website to money fast, perhaps at that time is lost. Always follow the type of Web site to do some of that time, site navigation, lattice network, music network, shopping network and B2B. But because there is no time to give up, but I have not given up on the network. It was not until 06 years that I realized that the e-commerce website might be a long-term trend. It was the time to do the site now. During this period there have been a lot of problems (due to their hometown in rural areas, family members do not understand, some misunderstandings in the village and some of the things happened between friends). There are a lot of people think it is illegal, in their minds, I will never be a person. 07 years of marriage, the couple quarrel, quarrel. We also did some people can not be courtesy and ridiculous things, the middle site stopped 5 months, lost many clients) but these things did not always let me give up my love of the cause of the network. In the future, I will not give up, perhaps more experienced is my greatest motivation. Strive to have some of their own on the internet. Since then let me more determined to do the site.

because of my low level of culture, may make some people do not understand. Please forgive me here. I also use the Admin5 platform to persuade me like some confused people can determine their goals. Let yourself have a home.

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