Disorderly growth between the immature development of the fate of the regional group purchase networ

after more than a year of explosive growth, buy network in some cities has been a bit crowded, and even some excess, and the competition between each other is also increasingly fierce. When the giants in the "mass market", stir with grassroots color regional group purchase network can not stay out, they not only with the defect of network group purchase development is not mature, and can not get rid of industry atmosphere influence. But it is clear that, relying solely on a domain name, with a few businesses can maintain the operating profit discount model, has been unable to adapt to the current competitive environment.

now buy network is in the adjustment period

"Ji’nan is not as good as the economy, a lot of big buy network competition is very intense, and we are not good local website." In September 23rd, the provincial capital of a group purchase network Mr. Tan told reporters that the responsible person.

Tan said that, in fact, some of the group of customers to buy a little disappointed network, the number of customers to buy Ji’nan gradually reduced, the amount of concern about the rapid decline in the number of buy network. To operate their own website, for example, last year, according to IP statistics, the amount of access to more than 8 thousand per day, but now only about two thousand or three thousand people a day. Tan believes that this is not just the reason for the market, but also consumers gradually return to rational, as well as the purchase of their own defects caused by the network.

due to the network to buy the industry’s entry threshold is relatively low, so over the past year, showing explosive growth. Several respondents were relatively conservative to reporters to estimate a value: Ji’nan at least 100, but in fact certainly higher than this figure. With the continuous increase in the network, in a relatively fixed market share, the competition between each other is difficult to avoid. However, after only a year of development, the development of group buying network seems to have lost its vitality. Buy network is currently able to take too little tricks, in addition to discounts, almost no other way."

reporter in Ji’nan buy navigation on the Internet randomly dialed the customer service phone number of not less than 10 buy site, many of which, such as the phone can not be connected or you wrong. "There is no denying that some small group buying websites have been closed down, this is the so-called" botnet ", although it is still hanging on the Internet, but it has been rarely updated." Mr. Tan said.

and consumer complaints are also accompanied by the development of the group buying network, more and more rational consumers to buy a network of after-sales service, but also prompted the industry had to passively adjust. Reporters learned from the mission Ji’nan, before they are included in the group buying network is relatively more, but because of the frequent consumption problems later, and finally deleted a lot of buy site.

buy network disorderly growth behind

rapid increase in the buy network at the same time, its profit model has also been questioned. A netizen is puzzled and said: "so far, did not get to know the group purchase website profit pattern — they figure what?"


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