Nora shut down the server event upgrade pass the police into the company

Tencent Francisco April 22nd news on the Internet about Nora shut down the server There were many discussions. On the occasion, with the latest progress of events. Today, there is news that the police have entered Nora company, may capture some of the staff, the specific number is unknown. Nora founder Wang Xin (micro-blog) is not at home.

another source said that the matter jointly handled by the Ministry of public security and the Copyright Bureau, after more than 10 have been Nora content owners were arrested. Nora on the server before the closure and transformation of the statement, or after receiving the relevant information self-help behavior.

days ago, Nora official announced the end of video on demand and energy-saving technology based on clean and vulgar content involving pirated content, and start restructuring, increase investment copyrighted content.

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