Gong Haiyan the traditional dating sites behind the curtain call mode bottlenecks



Gong Haiyan

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported on December 26th

the evening of December 24, 2012, joy of Christmas Eve is filled in the capital at the same time, the domestic dating sites high streets and back lanes, – Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan’s heart is not calm: estimates from this day, she will leave the position of CEO company, bid farewell to 10 years of entrepreneurial career dating sites.

Jiayuan official announced

days ago, Gong Haiyan served as co chairman of the company, and the current chairman Qian Yongqiang joint leadership board. This also means that out of the daily management of the Gong 10 years ago she founded the company with 1000 yuan, it is replaced by the occupation manager Wu Linguang, who previously served as CO CEO.

although Gong Haiyan followed by a blog readme behind the story, said the personnel changes, is the personal bottleneck and to resign, investors are not forcing, instead of repeatedly detain. But this does not seem to be a logical description: investors will really allow a self confused CEO to grasp the direction of the company? In fact, there are people familiar Jiayuan Jiayuan said, investors privately think Gong Haiyan management and strategic vision has now Jiayuan does not fit.

but it is Gong Haiyan that their personal face the bottleneck of resignation, or investors think it is necessary to change. The two view points to the fact that, even if the operation of dating sites for 10 years of Gong Haiyan, it is very difficult to lead the company to find a breakthrough new innovation. Undoubtedly, behind the curtain Gong is a reflection of the bottleneck facing the whole traditional marriage website mode.

signs appear in a year ago or advance into the field of wedding electricity supplier

Gong Haiyan – news, many Jiayuan employee said it is difficult to understand, some of the old employees have to believe that she will retire here, many people also want to keep her to the end.

but in fact, this personnel structure adjustment as early as the beginning of this year has been a sign.

Gong Haiyan class, it is not surprising, as early as a year ago, things have emerged." An industry insiders said, "previously, Jiayuan has been in high growth start-up period, the short board of company management is drowned, after the listing, more test Gong management teams. This is the main reason for the adjustment of personnel."

May 2011, Jiayuan successful listing, becoming the first domestic dating website shares. But then, there were some adjustments. The investment industry sources, in the time of listing, the incumbent Jiayuan chairman Qian Yongqiang Gong Haiyan has been dissatisfied with. Mainly in two points: first, the money had personally participated in Jiayuan’s business and team building, pointed out that Gong existing team lacking money; second, I think Gong Haiyan on the future of the business planning.

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