ndividual stationmaster now lost and the future

lost, wandering, excited, decadent, how many dreams lost, how many sweat shed, lost in a struggle in the personal webmaster.

is one of the few owners can make money, I think this is not alarmist, because I also is the webmaster, web sites have thousands of IP, but Google Adsense placed more than half a year, today to see only 43 dollars, can not afford to buy bread. Of course, there are more professional site for thousands of IP 2-3 money can make money, this is a little part of the Google Adsense advertising price is very low now, other advertising is not where to go, the individual owners rely on advertising to make money too difficult, depending on this will starve to death.

recession so many companies began to save money, advertisers may be significantly reduced investment, then it should be accompanied by a decline in the price of advertising alliance or increase the amount of. This is a big challenge China economy, how to get rid of the personal webmaster garbage in the winter economy Station thinking is important, of course, may we put the word meaning webmaster expanded, given too many meanings, the webmaster should industry segments and professional.

is now 2 times, owners should also be 2, not only is the site of the 2, is the 2 from the operation, thinking, cooperation, investment and other higher level thinking and execution, to think from a business perspective, change yourself only by IP standing on the bottom of the industrial chain of destiny.

, management, organization, product, marketing is the most important part of the enterprise, personal webmaster themselves when CEO and all other titles, in fact, as do fine a link, for example, Zhan Peng focus on network marketing, do good. Atmosphere is important, the atmosphere is to create, and to create an atmosphere is necessary for regional development.

about the future

use the Internet as a service industry, as a tool for thinking and operation, rather than the Internet itself as an industry, the Internet is the traditional manufacturing industry and other industry, so to service industry based on the thinking, they will pay.

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