CBSi Liu Xiaodong the value of vertical web site has not really presented


NetEase science and technology news November 3rd news, Internet Conference second days, CBSi (Cbs Broadcasting Inc) senior vice president, general manager Liu Xiaodong accepted an exclusive interview with NetEase technology. Liu Xiaodong believes that the current value of domestic vertical website has not been fully presented. In the future, after the entry of the Chinese capital, there will be more and more high value vertical website.

as a senior vice president of CBSi, Liu Xiaodong, the company’s 6 consumer 3C website, including Zhongguancun online, PChome, etc.. Liu Xiaodong believes that with the gradual fragmentation of the needs of Internet users, vertical web site will have their own small living space, commercial value will be greater and greater.

the current domestic vertical website investment and acquisition of most of the main foreign capital, Liu Xiaodong believes that the future of the Chinese capital after entering, the value of vertical sites will be more and more high up.

Liu Xiaodong said that next year, CBSi will continue to consider a number of acquisitions, both the community class website, will also include some other vertical class website.

following interview record:

NetEase science and technology: I wish you all NetEase users, we live in the 2009 Internet conference. My side is CBSi senior vice president, general manager Liu Xiaodong, Liu always hello.

Liu Xiaodong: NetEase users good.

NetEase Technology: we know that CBSi in China’s business is divided into several groups, I do not know what is responsible for the total Liu?

Liu Xiaodong: I was mainly responsible for CBSi’s consumer groups, mainly in the 3C consumer website. We are now spending about 6 websites group in the past 5 years CBSi has invested $twenty million acquisition, Zhongguancun online, hummingbird network, Xi’an, Chengdu each have two acquisitions website.

NetEase: Science and technology of these sites is very familiar, there is an issue in this year’s Conference on the Internet, is the vertical website under the survival situation, do not know that several sites in the past year in


Liu Xiaodong: the six website is very good in years past, do the very good performance of the western Xi’an Silicon Valley, including the western regions like Chengdu IT, including the hummingbird network, the world wide web home network performance over the same period last year, there are more than 50% growth, including Zhongguancun online, PCHome also has some growth as we expected, quite.

NetEase Technology: we know that CBSi in the past year has been the acquisition, on the whole there is a certain integration, I do not know if there will be in the consumer website acquisition plan


Liu Xiaodong: we still have some consumer plans to buy the next year, we will focus on some of the community class, including some other vertical class website, and now we look at.


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