Stationmaster net opens one yuan experience real name attestation activity

      July 9th news, opened a "forum of stationmaster net yuan experience stationmaster net real name authentication activities, namely July 9th -16, registered Forum ( members only need to pay 1 yuan to the website, you can immediately experience the real name authentication service station network, including web site customer service phone authentication issued by order of the forum, etc.. And after the end of July 16th, 10 yuan to restore the certification price.

According to

statistics, network owners forum ( since the implementation of real name authentication, a total of more than 5000 owners through the network owners forum, real name authentication, "the real name certification benefits, let you enjoy more convenient and trust in the Trading Forum; members of the real name authentication, direct bonus 200 A5 coins, each version of the tour and signature the real name authentication authority; member, link when you sell the domain name, website, will be the other side of the deal of attention and trust, more real and reliable" stationmaster net founder graph king said.


A5 forum should pay attention to the real name authentication in A5 transactions have become increasingly frequent, in a link of A5, a month will be able to reach millions of transactions, in the domain of tasks and procedures, transactions, a month to reach millions of transactions. In the webmaster circle, the monthly trading behavior. Each station around the owner of a different transaction, to breed a liar environment. In order to better curb spam, and provide more business information services. A5 forum is to create a real name forum, to provide more convenient and quick access to information and access to the owners of the system.

in the recently released "June China Internet market briefing" show, June through the webmaster Trading Forum intermediary trading close to 2000 pen, and the emergence of fraud probability is zero, mainly due to the real name authentication system in stationmaster net created.

webmaster Trading Forum was founded in 2006, after three years of development now forum registration number of 200 thousand people, every active member of 4-5 million people, owners or related technical personnel in IDC company, every day through the network owners forum sale site, server space, domain name, Web links, art service transaction amount up to about 300 thousand.

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