Taobao brush thousands of people cheated involving millions of dollars

Ms. Liang

, who lives in Hunan County before told the NetEase of science and technology, to see their online stores to help Taobao recently: "brush" can make money. Ms. Liang joined a QQ group, the administrator to send the task information. In accordance with the guidelines, Ms. Liang in a Taobao shop to buy a single price of more than 400 yuan of clothes, but Ms. Liang is not received their own clothes, but another value of more than 70 yuan reward". After Ms. Liang to confirm receipt and give praise, the shop will give full amount to the return of alipay.

Ms. Liang Liang

thought it was a "you pay me to work," a reasonable deal, and a few times to carry out quite smoothly, but did not expect to eventually turned into a scam.

Before Taobao

"shuangshier", the shops in several QQ group its control in the speaker said: in order to "shuangshier" on some clothes need preheating, the price of 1280 yuan, 1880 yuan for "brush". Price is soaring, return have become very rich, scalping can be in the shop 200 yuan worth of clothes as a reward. So Ms. Liang spent 3760 yuan to buy the clothes of the two, but the seller has played a missing, has not yet been refunded. Until the day before, she was a friend to the rights of the QQ group, to know the number of like she cheated unexpectedly far exceeds 1000.

NetEase science and technology survey found that the organizers of these shops in the hands of several Taobao shops, the organization of at least 3 QQ group used to brush single, close to 1000 people in each group. According to the current group of rights activist groups provided clues, the amount of each deceived deceived at least 1280 yuan, this group has nearly 1000 people, more people are still being added to the deception. The statistics of the victims show that the total amount of nearly one million, and is still growing.

deceived call Taobao customer service, Taobao said it had no right to deal with the proposed alarm. Because of the small amount of individual, many local police are not willing to file. The victim said rights difficult to NetEase and Taobao technology, hope as soon as possible to deceive the police seized the business, but also everyone a fair.


technology call Taobao, the relevant responsible person said: because the illegal business fraud is through the QQ group (instead of Ali Wangwang) the way outside of Taobao, so Taobao has no official illegal or illegal evidence, can only recommend the victim alarm as soon as possible, Taobao will actively assist the police to deal with the matter.

as of press time, the number of people gathered through the QQ group rights still continued to grow. Two way into the victims in Taobao, alarm, anxious and helpless waiting, hoping to get attention and attention.

analysts believe that Taobao’s evaluation system in the early stages of development for sellers and buyers to provide a good basis for decision-making. But with the brush single black value chain intensified, its positive significance is gradually disappearing, behind these events, perhaps there are more unknown secrets >

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