Railway departments to respond to 12306 tickets difficult click on nearly 1 billion 500 million days

September 20th electric acupuncture on the recent media reports of 12306 network congestion, repeated queuing, etc., the reporter interviewed the railway transportation department responsible comrades.

the responsible comrade, recently is in the Mid Autumn Festival and the "eleven" golden week ticket peak, 12306 web site hits 1 billion 490 million times more than the Spring Festival this year, the highest ticket sale on the Internet, resulting in network congestion, repeated queuing phenomenon. In this regard, the railway sector apologized.

railway departments to remind the majority of passengers, such as the case of online ticketing busy, you can choose to telephone booking, ticket booking and other ways to buy tickets. Telephone booking pre-sale period of 12 days, the window ticket pre-sale period of 10 days.

said the railway department, thank you very much for the community and the majority of the passenger railway work concerns and views, will further improve and perfect the railway ticket system, in order to adapt to the majority of visitors online booking demand.

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