Zhejiang police seized the world’s largest pornographic websites in the territory of important branc

Zhejiang Shaoxing police after two months of investigation chase, destroyed a has more than 70 thousand registered members in the territory of the Chinese Chinese pornographic websites — a "new form" forum, one of the important members of the forum, the Sino US joint police destroyed the world’s largest Chinese pornographic websites "Sunshine Entertainment alliance" in china.

, including the forum Director Zhu, including the 15 core members were arrested. At present, the "new form" forum has been closed.

after preliminary investigation, the "new foreign" forum is one of the most important members of the overseas "Sunshine Entertainment alliance" Chinese pornographic websites, opened in 2008, nicknamed "the actor webmaster". The forum server in the United States, with multiple domain names. The forum has long-term activities of more than 7 registered members, all kinds of theme card more than 14, with more than 2 million 200 thousand. Forum consists of multiple plates, including a large number of pornographic text, pictures and video download and play links.

according to investigators, the forum for registered members of strict management, not only regularly Delete Inactive members, ordinary members also provided through the post or thread to earn points to browse and download pornographic content, VIP zone more need to buy a VIP account to be able to enter, the price is 600 yuan per year or equivalent foreign currency payment, including bank remittance, online payment and Alipay etc.. In addition to the sale of other VIP account, the forum also by way of profit mount advertising links.

in the investigation of the identity of the forum management staff, the task force found that the management of the forum is generally very strong sense of anti investigation, to promote the identity of the investigation caused a certain resistance. Nevertheless, on the basis of summing up the work of the investigation and evidence collection, the task force identified 17 basic conditions with the arrest of the object. From July 1st to July 25th, before and after more than and 20 days, the Shaoxing police traveled long distances in the provinces and municipalities, a total of 11 suspects arrested in the name of the name of the suspect, the police arrested a total of 15.

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