The United States nternet startups valuation crazy inventory of new billionaires

March 4th news, according to foreign media reports, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga and other popular Internet Co crazy valuations, spawned a number of new billionaires. Many of the company’s employees, executives, early investors have been among the ranks of the new rich.

according to some of the company’s listing application documents submitted and private investment report shows that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon, Pandora (Pandora) and Zynga total valuation of more than $90 billion. In less than a year, the company’s valuation turns soaring, so many people think that the advent of the new era of the Internet bubble.

CNBC website recently reported that the valuation of Facebook grew again, received a new round of investment from the investment company General Atlantic, the site reached $65 billion valuation. The investment company will hold approximately 0.1% shares of Facebook. General Atlantic declined to comment.

Silicon Valley senior observer, O’Reilly founder Tim – (Tim O’Reilly), said that once a new valuation was born, the bubble on the increase in some of the Media. Investors do not know how to evaluate it.

even if the market crash or other circumstances, it does not hinder the opportunity to become rich, many of these companies hold shares in the individual who has successfully cashed. The New York Post reported that a Facebook founder was prepared to sell 10 million shares. As the two market is active, Facebook stock price has reached $30 per share, so the transaction will reach about $300 million. Facebook declined to comment.


in January this year, Facebook received $1 billion 500 million investment, valued at $50 billion. This round of investment from the Russian investment company DST and investment bank Goldman Sachs Group and Goldman Sachs group. Compared with the $24 billion valuation in July 2010, $50 billion is its two times. The number of users of the world’s largest social networking site reached 500 million after hitting the impact of 600 million.

in the latest round of financing, Facebook valuation of $65 billion, the company founder and CEO Mark – Zuckerberg holds 24% of the shares, which means that his stake worth more than $15 billion. Other early employees and investors also hold billions of dollars worth of shares. Russian investment company DST and venture capital firm Accel Partners holds 10% shares of Facebook, is now worth $6 billion 500 million.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Mos> (Moscovitz

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