Stationmaster net daily news broadcast Liu Qiangdong gamble challenge Li Guoqing

1, Liu Qiangdong gamble challenge Li Guoqing: Jingdong cash of not less than 6 billion

Admin5 station network news: April 17th, Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong mall today in the Sina micro-blog to President Li Guoqing challenge, said it would invite questions if the Jingdong store cash accounts less than 6 billion will donate 10 million. According to Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall set up gambling at micro-blog, President Li Guoqing invited "audit", in Fujian in Quanzhou shoes industry e-commerce summit, Li Guoqing did not respond positively, only that financial data is a very complicated thing. Then Liu Qiangdong said micro-blog can provide Jingdong audit report. Li Guoqing and Liu Qiangdong as a competitor in the previous battle, Li Guoqing has said publicly that the Jingdong just enough money to burn in August this year, after October, ran out of money will have to continue to seek financing or to the United states. Dangdang is to earn a flower two, and Jingdong is to earn a flower of four. Liu Qiangdong micro-blog gamble fuse.

and Jingdong mall in the afternoon also announced the signing of 80 billion yuan in the future three years home appliance purchase agreement, Jingdong CMO mall Lanye disclosed the latest Jingdong store data at the meeting site: as of April this year, the Jingdong mall has 40 million registered users, 3 April this year, orders reached 400 thousand per month.

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latest data disclosure: 40 million registered users per month orders of 400 thousand

Li Guoqing Liu Qiangdong, a loudspeaker: finance is a complex matter

Liu Qiangdong gamble challenge Li Guoqing: Jingdong cash of not less than 6 billion

2, private social Path re $40 million financing

private social network Path today officially announced that it has completed B round of financing plan. According to sources, the red dot investment leadership and the completion of the $40 million of financing, in addition to the relevant agencies, said Path’s valuation of $250 million.

Path social network was founded in November 2010, currently has more than 2 million registered users. Path said he was "private social", because the Path e-mail address and telephone number based on sharing photos, has strong confidentiality, ease users to share photos of strangers worry. Currently Path has launched iPhone and Android clients. In February this year, Pach CEO Dave Morin said, Path currently has 2 million registered users, after re revision, Path has turned into a sharing of tourism, photos, or even sleeping personal diary, while Path and Nike reach cooperation. Path has been an often talked about application that could be acquired. As with Instagram, it was $500 million after a successful financing of $50 million

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