The central bank once again interviewed nine companies in Beijing platform bitcoin bitcoin prices pl

in February 8th, the central bank again interviewed nine companies in Beijing bitcoin trading platform, bitcoin prices diving.


source: Vision China

following the early January on the "fire currency network" and "money" two major bitcoin trading platform to carry out the examination, the afternoon of February 8th, the people’s Bank of Chinese business management department inspection group of others involved in bitcoin transactions "China bitcoin, bitcoin trading network, bitcoin", "cloud money net" and "gold", "BTC100", "poly currency net", "money shellfish network" and "fire" in Beijing and other nine bitcoin trading platform is mainly responsible for the interviews.

inspection team informed the bitcoin trading platform problems on the nine bitcoin trading platform trading platform, prompting legal risk and possible policy risk and technology risk, about nine trading platform operation, and put forward clear requirements.

The business management department of the people’s Bank of

requirements shall not be engaged in illegal financing currency and other financial business, shall not participate in money laundering activities, shall not violate the relevant national anti money laundering, foreign exchange management and payment and settlement of financial laws and regulations, shall not violate the state tax and business advertising management law. If there is a bitcoin trading platform in violation of the above requirements, the circumstances are serious, the inspection team will be brought to the relevant departments to be closed down according to law.

source close to the interface of news reporters, the Central Bank of the interview should still intended to suppress bitcoin speculation, or to further standardize small platform, to prevent the risk of bitcoin.

had three large bitcoin trading platform in interviews after the transaction fees charged by adjusting and closing leverage (financing currency), insiders told reporters some small platform interface, no related operation.

in January this year, bitcoin prices rose sharply, breaking the highest price reached nearly 9000 yuan. Crazy rise triggered investor concern, while the central bank also came regulatory signals.

in January 11th, the central bank’s business management inspection team composed of two bitcoin trading platform in Beijing fire currency network "and" money "carried out on-site inspection, at the same time, the central bank Shanghai headquarters to carry out on-site inspection of" bitcoin Chinese ", focus on examination of the enterprise is beyond the scope of business, whether the illegal conduct of credit, payment, exchange rate other related businesses, whether involving market manipulation, anti money laundering system implementation and security risk funds etc..

interface news has been reported after the central bank settled three bitcoin trading platform for the inspection results, the initial discovery of these bitcoin trading platform to carry out illegal margin trading business, resulting in abnormal market fluctuations. In addition, the central bank said these platforms are not established in accordance with the relevant provisions of the anti money laundering internal control system.

as of press time at the interface, according to fire currency network data, bitcoin prices have dropped from yesterday’s short-term high of 7525 yuan to

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