The 6 key factors of the success of mail marketing

2014 marketers are looking forward to new changes. As an email marketer, most of them want to be shared. For e-mail marketing, what are the key factors to affect mail marketing? Therefore, the country’s leading EDM e-mail marketing service provider Focussend to share the 6 key factors of membership email marketing success, to help marketers create more value information.

1, information sharing

information has become an important social asset, the information sharing between customers will send more information. If this concept is applied in email marketing is also a good way. For example, in the message to allow users to share quotes or brand product information, and allows users to be happy to accept or invite friends to join the user can get a certain reward and other methods.

2, trigger

"trigger" is a word for the industry, can be defined as: let the customer is always in a specific period of time to remember a product or service or an idea, so as to keep the mind of some products concern. Although e-mail marketers often use the term "trigger", but its goal is completely different things, we should trigger the same goal, so that the value of marketing activities can be correctly passed to the customer. Remember that it is very important for the customer to trigger the email correctly, and the time and frequency of the trigger will be lost.

3, emotional

in short, the message that conveys the emotional component is easier to share. E – mail is a channel of relationships, which maintains a good relationship with the customer in its own way, which is part of the emotion. Emotional factors, but also become a key part of the successful acquisition of customer desire to buy. For each piece of information is sent by the client, you are expected to give the customer the best brand image, these will let customers feel any information you send is associated with him, always considering his interests, virtually been moved. These can make the customer not only more willing to share your information, and will continue to facilitate the transaction with you.

4, public

can expand the scope of sharing by building a strong public content. It’s a good idea to set up a specific format for your clients, which can be used by more recipients to help your customers share. For this reason, it is very important to construct the e-mail content of public sharing.

5, practical value

refers to the practical value, it is another easy to understand the word is related. Relevance is very important, and if you send a few unrelated emails to your customers, it’s a waste of resources. The success of e-mail cases, are targeted, for customers with strong practical advice. For example: how to guide customers to do, how to promote the activities of shortcuts can be obtained, to provide the true

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