Baidu on the U S domain name Register part of the allegations by the U S court approval

news July 23rd, according to a US judge said on Thursday, in January this year the Baidu event is black, Baidu can continue to sue the United States domain name service provider, and stick to the original part of charges.

in January 11th this year, Baidu site was hacked, the hacker claimed to be the Iran network, a few weeks later, hackers attacked the Twitter website. Baidu believes that there are loopholes in security, and claim compensation.

Manhattan federal court today issued a written order to allow Baidu to continue prosecution Baidu accused of breach of contract, gross negligence, and caused Baidu website was hacked.

currently, did not respond.

wrote in the court order, said: if the allegations are true, it means that Register did not comply with its own security agreement, to the illegal invaders to hand over the account, and lead to the destruction of the network. Once confirmed, the jury may find Register significant negligence."

At the same time, the court also rejected five complaints from Baidu, including trademark infringement and assistance to the

network. (Spark)

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