Fresh electricity supplier development concept is the trend of industry integration

in 2013 of the Internet industry keywords, fresh electricity supplier is also mentioned as one of the most, from the birth of fresh electricity supplier to the current rush to do fresh electricity supplier, took only 6 years. Fresh electricity supplier after what has gone through the development of the course, the current situation of fresh electricity supplier is how the author here to talk briefly, when it is not familiar with the fresh electricity supplier industry friends do a science bar.

fresh electricity supplier development process

1, phase 1, 2005 -2012

2005, easy fruit network was established in 2008, has focused on organic food and Lekang and Tootoo, the enterprise is beginning to make a niche market. During this period, the frequent food safety incidents, resulting in many consumers of high quality, high safety food needs, which makes a lot of companies see this huge market, in 2009 -2012 years, the emergence of a large number of fresh electricity supplier. Too many businesses to enter the industry, the industry has also led to the emergence of the bubble, the market demand is not so big, but fresh COPY common mode is wholly intact electricity supplier model, eventually many business failures.

The end of the

stage, early in 2013 the Beijing "excellent dish network" for the transfer and Shanghai "day delicacy matches" was sold as a symbol, it is both organic and green vegetables in the domestic electricity supplier, to find such food before it.

2, the second phase, from 2012 to 2013

fresh electricity supplier of the transition, but also from the beginning of the end of 2012. At the time of the year of the newly established fresh "was living" became popular with "Chu orange Beijing" event marketing a gun, then again provoked a "Beijing litchi war" in the spring of 2013, at the beginning of fresh electricity again aroused hot. During this period, the development of social media and mobile Internet also allow fresh electricity providers who have more modes of exploration, the second phase is obviously more vitality than the first stage.

3, the third phase, 2013 to date

in the second stage of the business of fresh electricity supplier, the SF preferred, one fresh, original life, Tootoo commune, 77, Da, the housekeeper delicious food as the representative of the businesses have received a strong capital injection, and each enterprise has its own industry resources, and then staged a fresh electricity supplier to prepare for the contest. During this period, B2C, C2C, O2O and other models have been interpreted incisively and vividly, more and more powerful mobile Internet tools for businesses to provide more choices.

this stage, the most notable feature is the fresh electricity suppliers are small and beautiful change from the beginning to today’s large, almost all fresh category are involved, people on the consumption of fresh ideas have also changed to the electricity supplier, the huge business opportunities to make Internet giants are coveted by the end of 2013, early 2014, Tmall and Jingdong have joined this.

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