A hacker electricity supplier user data was again

billion state power network on July 26th, according to industry sources, a large number of the electricity supplier user data again and again by the private sale.

according to a sale of the provision of e-mail, the user data are lefeng.com, dream bazaar, Dangdang, Mcglaughlin, Yesmywine, shop No. 1, serves network, friends network, share network and Alipay electric company for sale. The sellers to provide their contact information, and claimed that the data after personally verified, such as false baopei. User data impressively. These data include the user’s name, address, phone number, email address, phone number and order number.


will then also to billion state power network provides a Lasafo user list, in addition to the above information, users buy on the website of the specific names of commodities and the purchase of time are including remarks. Judging from the time, these data for the basic user purchase information in 2011.


Le bee network user list

billion state power network on the matter to the Lasafo official confirmation. Lefeng.com said, this batch of user data was hacked last year’s electricity business collective leaked out, this Lasafo has upgraded security technology to protect the security of user information, and increase the user’s comfort, and recently a year there is no similar incident occurred.

after all, customer information is true, so the information is still selling. Micro-blog in this kind of complaints about Le bee network is from the disclosure. Dangdang, Jingdong are subject to varying degrees of attack." Le bee network introduced.

billion state power network to find the sources of data in February this year and spread in the same number of mainstream B2C website user information online. Especially the about 20000000 Alipay information and dangdang.com latest 13 million member information.

billion state power network random sampling data the sources provided by Alipay to verify the authenticity, are registered users, and associated with the Taobao account, including 126.com, 136.com, yahoo.com mail, sina.com, sohu.com, qq.com, hotmail.com etc..


random sampling

and the other side of the sample data given Dangdang, including the user’s name, registered mail, telephone, address and customer price data more than 1000. Try to call several billion state power network data users, each expressed in Dangdang online registration, but do not know their information was leaked.

analysis of the industry, the electricity supplier companies usually use marketing methods are divided into active marketing and passive marketing two. Active marketing refers to the letter of intent by mobile phone customers

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