What are the methods of Taobao brush

as long as the opening of the Taobao store, will certainly come into contact with the brush of such a noun, which for the development of the shop has a lot of influence. Although in recent years, the investigation and handling of Taobao single fraudulent behavior can be described as a lot of strict. The so-called "policies, under the measures, scalping for Taobao accumulated for a long time, how can a measure or policy official can eliminate the.

however, because buyers of credit and store sales value and Taobao search ranking rules, even at the risk of being found Taobao, many sellers will rush into danger. But with the rise of current online shopping army, the wide variety of goods, the increase of competition, sellers want to break the siege, open sales, in addition to the quality related to good products, some short cut or not free. So, Taobao brush what are the methods?

below, Xiaobian to enumerate three, which is the most widely used.

1: friends brush each other

this is the most reliable, although the brush out of the real sales, but also because of the amount of brush is not a friend, and a shop is always the same with the IP Taobao to buy, Taobao will certainly check your……

2: QQ group

cheat a lot of information comes from Tencent QQ group platform, then, each brush will you believe it? There is no denying that there will be some real QQ group, but in general, unfamiliar users can not be too much to believe. If you want a lot of sales, QQ group in the brush you can not find so many people.

3: platform generation brush

now on behalf of the online brush platform can be said to be numerous. But have you ever thought about where to go? Will IP repeat the trumpet mad brush? You can’t see them, you don’t know. But as long as the choice of a reliable platform for the operation of Taobao shop is still of great help.

so, if you open a Taobao shop, but also want to brush shop, with a small series of these presentations, and now you know how to give Taobao a single brush it? Which method would you choose? In short, in the context of the current Taobao shop on entrepreneurship, brush but inevitable oh.

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