Small and medium sized bean sprouts machine small business project selection

is a kind of vegetable sprouts you like, eat more crisp, if you want to do some small business, in the selection of small bean sprouts machine what is absolutely flexible investment in small business investment projects, can be assured, but the benefits of the many people may not know, for the following introduce.

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2. the whole machine adopts the assembled box structure, the box is made of compound plastic steel plate, which is convenient and quick to transport and assemble.

3. first patented mold production can be nested drum seam row type bean sprouts production box, convenient and practical, labor-saving.

4. this machine can use electricity, coal, gas, solar energy to control the water temperature, adaptability, full insulation, energy saving effect is obvious.

5. bean sprouts completely meet the requirements of pollution-free, rapid growth, uniform and full.

6. models can be an additional power free proportional liquid injection injector, without manual spraying, pollution-free additives, improve the bean sprouts production rate, improve production efficiency.

7. bean sprouts machine production bean sprouts than traditional manual production cycle short quality, high yield. General manual production bean sprouts cycle, summer need 4-6 days, winter need 7 – 9 days, and bean sprouts machine production bean sprouts as long as 3 – 4 days can be collected, and not affected by climatic conditions and seasons.

8. to reduce the phenomenon of rotten bud. The production of the professional mold patent drum seam microcomputer row type sprout growth and precise temperature control, water tank control system and control system completely solve the oxygen sterilization, with the market average turnover box (circular, susceptible to bud root blockage) permeability is not smooth, need to increase the leaching water or water layers to solve. The problems and disadvantages of bud disinfection is not easy.

9. labor-saving, easy to operate. After soaking into the bean sprouts machine, microcomputer control system can automatically and accurately control heating, automatic water spray, after 3 to 4 days can produce the crisp white bean sprouts.

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