Online education is a New Oriental opportunity or challenge

The development of

online education, like the emergence of new things, is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for the traditional training industry, for the training giant, if properly handled, the opportunity will be greater than the challenge. Here we take the New Oriental as an example to talk about the advantages of the development of traditional training giant online education.

"layout: New Oriental online carry the banner of reform" problems.

Second, dependent on the line under the school teachers, students and courses of the New Oriental online independent if you want to play the leading role, always face two problems: one is a large number of outstanding teachers come from? Two is the New Oriental online if you live, how to locate the relationship between online and New Oriental School Courses under the line? Two agencies do, even a brand, a boss, pinch each other is inevitable. New Oriental online and New Oriental School in the recruitment of teachers, training process and not because they belong to the New Oriental and narrow the gap. New Oriental online for many years lack of innovation power, both the transformation of the pattern will not be easier than to start from scratch. In order to integrate the New Oriental online can integrate all the New Oriental internal relations, do a good combination of online and offline layout of this game? This is the layout of the New Oriental line must be considered.

"layout of two: the existence of cooperation with the Internet giant cross-border problems

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