What are the advantages of joining Penglai facet

in the hungry time, if we can come to a bowl of noodles, so indescribably happy. Type Chinese noodle has many kinds, but when it comes to noodles, delicious and tasty Chongqing small noodles, noodles in Penglai, you will ask what is a facet of Penglai? Penglai small which is currently the market is rapidly developing small brands, now the country has opened many stores, is a promising project, then joined the project

what are the advantages?


facet join advantage of what?

history thick

Penglai is a traditional snack noodle, Penglai Handmade noodles, tenacity, taste delicious, full of material, join the gas star anise and other condiments in soy sauce, let facet has a distinct style of seafood, has long been popular in the local heritage. A heavy sense of history made the surface more flavor.

brand advantage


facet and Chongqing small noodles have a very clear distinction, and the brand in the market competition, and has great developing potential. High brand recognition, product quality assurance.

join advantage

After joining the franchisee

, the company has a very comprehensive support to join in advertising, store operations have the appropriate support. Improve the distribution system to ensure that the first time stores have raw materials supply, to ensure product quality. At the same time the company in the store business to join the business has very specific recommendations to help franchisees better business.

The above is the Penglai

facet basic join advantage, we should be very understand, this is a good project, want to come quickly! Please post our website below, so that later we replaced our contact with you, and you talk more to matters.

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