Start on the road full of amazing and lost

business is different from working for others, and to bear the risk of pressure is bigger, people cannot imagine, so once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, not failure, success is a sure way, are filled with gain and loss.

since they are factory and start to prepare, O Lin with his wife had no time to go shopping together, even have no chance to go for a walk, O Lin almost every day from morning to evening, when only eat meet, meet also did not seem to have a common language like, are silent eat meal, do not speak, no past the kind of laughter, warm scenes no longer exist. A Lin’s wife has always been a chatterbox, always love to talk to a Lin, see A Lin that will be hard not to feel some discomfort. But she saw A Lin so hard, it is not good to say anything, but his heart depressed.

> in general, can

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