Business should be able to seize the opportunity

although the business is indeed a lot of wealth, there are indeed a lot of people in this market has been successful, make enough money, because of this, will attract more and more people doing business. However, if you want to succeed in business, in fact, still need to seize the opportunity. Business shop and do business, need a dash. "Steady, step by step, once the opportunity comes, we should seize opportunities, taking advantage of the development, to achieve greater entrepreneurial dreams.

nowadays, there are a lot of big business in the cigarette market, so small, even envy admire. I think it is true that the envy of large business, but to see the big family is also a step by step from the small and medium-sized development. As a small, large shop business to learn the kind of dynamic and aggressive.

shop in the early days, my store operating area of only 20 square meters, there are two large supermarkets around, to say geographical location, operating funds, sales ability, and can not be compared with large operators. But I’m not complacent, not "do one day at a time, but make a foundation for one year, three years on the stage, the development of plans to open stores in five years"". It is with this goal, in the daily management, their special attention to the quality of goods, prices and services.

first, the purchase of goods from the channel, to ensure the quality of goods. Remember a few years ago, there was a stranger in repeated visits or telephone selling counterfeit cigarettes, I was rejected on the spot. I don’t see a counterfeit cigarettes traffickers, but went away dejected. Sometimes, some tight cigarette "stock", it is suggested that I buy more goods from other stores, but also teach me how to avoid monopoly personnel check "tips".

, for example, will be open to sell the whole smoke, not found on monopoly code sales behavior from zero on a pack of cigarettes. But in order to store credit, in order to prevent counterfeit cigarettes in the shop, I would rather out of stock, not in a smoke from other stores, not to sell a generation of relatives and acquaintances smoke. Second, price stability. In business, some retailers see the market tight cigarette sales, retail prices, households often collude with other more money.

I never and they gang up, "collaboration", but consciously implement the cigarette price tag price policy, always do much money selling much money, who is a price". Although this practice I offended a lot of relatives and acquaintances, but let the majority of customers feel fair, rest assured, satisfied. Whether old or new customers, buyers are running to the store into the store consumption was only willing to genuine goods at a fair price.

in this way, a year down, the store popularity Wang, good business, cigarette sales and 50 gradually increased by the month of; the next three years, my smoke Hotel has a stable consumer groups, become a large family. In order to improve the image of the terminal, under the guidance of the account manager, I invest

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