19 year old Hubei freshman Luo Jingyu through entrepreneurship has over ten million assets

19 years old, what are you doing? How much are you worth? I am afraid that more people are the answer to the students, the value is negative. But the protagonist, although only 19 years old but through continuous business, with tens of millions of worth, this is Luo Jing space. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to know his entrepreneurial deeds.

third began to stall selling lanterns alone make money, two days 5000 yuan profit; borrow 120 thousand yuan to rent a facade high school opened a clothing store, less than half a year went bankrupt, lost savings; three while preparing for the college entrance examination while operating a painting material store, the business is on track…… Today, the 19 year old Luo Jingyu, passed through 4 years of business history change radically, is the major shareholder of 4 companies, with 8 stores and 3 shop, tens of millions of assets.

at this age, there is also a young man of the identity of the identity of the Hubei University School of art, a major student of visual communication.


third boy alone stall

Luo Jingyu Shiyan, the father went into business, my mother works in a primary school, not the sons of the rich. My parents taught me to be independent, want to rely on their own to fight for, and sometimes want to have to do a little housework to earn’." Luo Jingyu said, by the impact of education, he was a dream, "I want to be like Yu Minhong Ma Yun, business celebrities, want to do business."

third year, he was walking in the square, found a lot of people put lanterns, from the initiation of the idea of making money. I am a person to a wholesale purchase, then put stall, a 2 yuan purchase, 8 yuan a sale, a night to sell a dozen, tired and don’t earn money." Luo Jingyu exclaimed.

later he learned from the online purchase, the purchase price was 5 cents each, launch the class to help sell, selling price 5 yuan, each sold a classmate to earn commission 2 yuan, 2.5 yuan, only two days, he will earn 5000 yuan.


open clothing store lost light savings

tasted the sweetness of Luo Jingyu money, after high school to borrow 120 thousand yuan to rent a bold attempt, the facade opened a clothing store.

at that time, my parents do not support me to start a business, I had no choice but to borrow." Luo Jingyu said, he decided to sell clothing large profit margins, and went to Guangzhou, Yiwu, Hanzheng Street market survey, with half the height of the trunk shopping spree. However, because the clothing positioning too avant-garde, his stores rarely lasted for half a year, went bankrupt.

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