GirlUp let a station up thousands of women

female entrepreneurs in the actual business process will encounter a variety of problems, there are such a group of female passengers to join hands, the creation of female venture capital community, to do tens of millions of female entrepreneurs, the family".

1 9, GirlUp Beauty Workshop announced that it has completed the pre-A of the financing of 17 million, by the Swiss capital, China smart and purple venture capital joint venture. It is reported that GirlUp was founded at the beginning, which received Huang Taiji He Chang, Zhu Yonghua, Lenovo holding spring Chu seed investment, rich capital, JJ venture capital investment angel Yang Shoubin.

GirlUp is currently the first brand of domestic women venture capital, but also the most active and highest quality community of women entrepreneurs. GIrlUp’s main business is venture capital investment and financing, marketing and other services, women’s community products and related training.

GirlUp the investor Ai Rui Yang Weiqing said, the reason is because the GirlUp investment GirlUp, created a female entrepreneurship service this new category and do the first, but also because of the less than 10 people and almost all girls team has a rapid execution, iResearch survey is also very unique, not only participate in GirlUp activities, private entrepreneurs have contact connection interview with GirlUp, is from iResearch data detection to the brand keywords and activity, so as to confirm the investment.

GirlUp was founded in August 2014, more than 100 activities, and help the successful financing of more than and 50 female projects, such as Xiaoxian stew, rock me salad, babe, word meme etc.. At present, GirlUp has grown into the most active and highest quality women’s entrepreneurial community, linked to the line of nearly 50000 women entrepreneurs and the 1000 investment institutions.

GirlUp founder Wu Jing said that this round of investment funds is mainly used to expand and build a team system, business development focused on community level training product development and FA business model, the brand, GirlUp continues to spread do influence, the expansion of recruiting editorial team.

GirlUp hopes to become a female commercial cutting-edge media future, related industrial projects in the female brand building and communication, women entrepreneurs grow their own fields of design related products and services, solve social marketing, financing, and the depth of talent demand pain points for women entrepreneurs; at the same time, GirlUp will also establish membership system and services. For a female who really solve the problems encountered on the road of entrepreneurship, as millions of women entrepreneurs’ family".

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