Shawn Yue Dongyu Zhou admits love n fact the program is

recently, the Hongkong actress Shawn Yue in mainland China actress micro-blog and interactive, two people suspected of romance exposure? In fact, the two are about to participate in the reality show "we love it" variety show, which will play a couple.

1 on the evening of 31 August, Hongkong actor Shawn Yue issued a document and @ Dongyu Zhou, two people suspected of public affair. Shawn Yue in micro-blog drying out a two ducks play dynamic diagram, and wrote: "slowly, @ Dongyu Zhou." Then Dongyu Zhou forwarded response: two people swim, @ Shawn Yue." It is reported that two people are currently recording reality show "we love it" in the second quarter, wiping out the spark of love is not impossible.

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