How much money is needed to invest in Mecca

no matter how hot the Chinese fast food industry, but the ten percent Western fast-food catering market share is irreplaceable, so avoid large selection of the competitiveness of Western fast food industry began its own brand to join the road is also a good choice. Xiao Bian here for you to recommend the United States hamburg.

beauty by beauty Mecca hamburger Mecca Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a western style fast food franchise business, the well-known brands, "customer loyalty" as the highest standards, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, adhere to the steady development and continuously develop and improve the franchise system, to establish a "simple, comfortable, dynamic culture" restaurant continuous efforts. So how much do you charge?

how much is the Burger King franchise fee

Mecca burger franchise fee:

30-70 square store franchise fee 30 thousand yuan;

70-100 square store franchise fee 40 thousand yuan;

100-200 cottage stores join fee 60 thousand yuan;

Mecca burger join advantage:

brand advantage: unified store image, ten years of experience, time is the best proof.

advantages: site selection and evaluation, equipment customization, distribution of raw materials, improve the operation supervision. Shop one-stop service is sufficient to explain

product advantage; four selling many varieties, Mecca beauty unique blend of raw material, taste that there is always new Qiaoqiao! You want to choose

the United States and the United States of America’s distinctive brand image, excellent ideas, lofty spirit, good reputation, huge intangible assets, will inevitably bring huge profits to share.

the United States and the Arab Israeli high level after repeated consideration, according to the location of the Chinese mainland market, decided to greatly reduce the franchise to join, so that the chain of investment is greatly reduced, is conducive to the rapid expansion in china.

based on chain stores, the United States and the United States to organize uninterrupted promotional activities.

The powerful Mecca of

franchise system and information system of security, all members have good ears and eyes.

Mecca strong purchasing group has a large number of manufacturers purchasing advantages, by the direct supply of the designated manufacturers, no intermediate links, to ensure the lowest price. The quality and price of equipment is always the most important.

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