Bazhong home business can be free to start business incubator

home entrepreneurs are facing a major problem is the home of the basic public service platform is not perfect, resulting in entrepreneurial inconvenience. Bazhong established a number of business incubator for this problem, improve the entrepreneurial support services, environmental advantages, support entrepreneurs to return home entrepreneurship.

11 26, the reporter arrived at the Bazhong open area of confidence in Business Incubator Park, to see the park basically completed the renovation, has been accepted entrepreneurs settled. Come to our park venture, the first year rent free, second years free of charge, free of charge for third years, 50%." Believe that the relevant person in charge of business incubator. As of now, Bazhong completed a total of 6 incubators, the next year, will be in the District of Bazhou, Nanjiang county and other places to build at least 4.

to hatch park free rent, migrant workers and entrepreneurs in Bazhong city in Bazhong province supported such preferential measures in Bazhong city recently issued the "home business program" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), is proposed for settled business park (incubator) founded entity or incubator project, provide the venue rental subsidies three for the year.

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