n summer keep shop we need to polish eyes

because of the weather, since the day has no way to operate, a lot of people will put the time to put in the evening, especially in the summer. The arrival of summer, the scorching sun, outside the room like a big steamer, burned like iron go on the concrete, people had to come out at night, by the way of shopping. Our shop is also extended Business Hours, seize opportunities to increase the income of the summer.


store opened in the side of the road, the village has a fruit wholesale market, people more and more complex, the day night to collect fruit, transportation, these drivers on the road before pulling the fruit to buy some food and drink, to catch a night, the night to add physical strength. They will also be able to buy more smoke and drink, they will spend tens of billions of dollars, I also used to wait until after 11.

one night, I see almost 11 points to close at two in a fat one thin person, Lin came close business, I am pleased to ask what they need, they said just have a look, turn a circle in the store, said something not, finally the two discuss a among them, one was fat said: "get to the two, two Yuxi!" I said: " Yuxi goods, the Chinese did not, in our rural high-grade cigarettes are not sold, generally do not order, can be replaced with other cigarettes."

thin point to the fat man said: "let you get in the city, you do not take, said the following also buy, you see, right?" On weekdays, the slow selling of Chinese cigarettes, I am afraid that the money is not set, and now regret not ordered Chinese cigarettes, missed a good deal, I went on to say: "instead of two Taishan (Lan Baxi)? We all agree with the smoke and sell well." "That’s the way it goes." I gave them a convenient bag, "boss, I sent two customers, you are installed in the two bags."


they requested to install on the counter, my eyes did not leave smoke. Then they said to have a box of wine, I gave them to carry a box of wine, clearing account, just a total of 1050 yuan, they bargain to 1000 yuan, I said: "the two bosses, Yuxi blue, BAXI price transparency, I give you is the wholesale price of 50 yuan, and then cut the handle I will lose money." The skinny man said "the price is too expensive, do not."

I looked at the man and looked at each other. My heart suddenly startled, will encounter a liar, I shouted: "husband without showing feelings, how not to end tea?" Her husband hurried down from the upstairs, I quickly took out from the convenience of the bag a look, as expected, I do not have the mark, said: "do not install, put my cigarette back to me, or I call the police." They also want to deny, I find my cigarettes are doing high-end markings, with mobile phone call to her husband, they obediently put smoke out, runs away.

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