How to help the poor through the nternet in Chenzhou

in the city’s economic development, the economic development of each region is not the same, although some of the city’s economic development is good, but there are still many poor areas. In January 19th, Hunan Chenzhou municipal Poverty Alleviation Office and China Unicom Chenzhou branch in Jiahe County town of Le Village held Guangdong Ren Fang "Internet plus precise poverty alleviation opening ceremony, marking the first" Internet plus "Chenzhou City, precise poverty alleviation demonstration village project officially started. Chenzhou how to help the poor through the Internet?

"Internet plus precise poverty alleviation project is a convenient and beneficial, Huimin livelihood projects. At the start of the scene, more than 100 poor villagers get free mobile phone, and download the precise poverty APP application, click on the "rain know-all" family identity information entry, establishment of a poverty profile. The villagers have experienced advanced electronic equipment, feel the changes brought about by information technology.

Chenzhou how to help the poor through the Internet? Through the introduction of the above we can see that Jiahe County Le Ren Fang village a total of 530 households of more than 1800 people, is located in remote, Poverty Alleviation Office linking point helping poor villages. To let the local people enjoy intelligent life, Poverty Alleviation Office established in cooperation with Chenzhou Unicom, launched a comprehensive "Internet plus" precise poverty information promotion work, the use of the Internet thinking innovative poverty reduction force, "Internet plus precise poverty alleviation, provide a full range of services for the poor households.

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