ce cream unlimited business opportunities

now is a good time to start a business, a lot of people on this project is very interested, very interested in business to join in with the ice cream, ice cream dessert market development momentum is good, now the soft ice cream sweet, let a person very drunk.

ME.E ice cream

ME.E make delicious ice cream with sincerity, let the sweet taste in the tongue slowly into the heart of the cyclotron. A ME.E, sugary love. ME.E ice cream has joined the headquarters for the purpose of customer service, integrity management, to adapt to market trends, ice cream to join? Main health health ice cream, the other with drinks, snacks, desserts, afternoon tea and other diversified taste. So that consumers do not have to run around for a variety of food. ME.E ice cream has ten magic series, fancy ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice hockey, sundaes, magic cone, storm water, cold ice cream, bubble tea, ice lolly, cool frappuccino.


snow ice cream

snow Karen ice cream franchise brand features to provide delicious ice cream for diners, dainty materials, strict selection of raw materials, to ensure that the green organic harmless, the production process to ensure sterility, ensure green healthy quality. The main innovation of science and art, not only do not eat fat, also very nutritious, how can not attract? No matter in the business circle, snack street, pedestrian street, near the school, residential areas, parks, amusement parks, attractions, railway stations, ports and so on can you think of the place, business is booming, rich taste, unique design, so that every consumer love Karen snow ice cream, the supreme achievements of his fortune.

romantic love ice cream

romantic love ice cream in the "compound management model, a new type in addition to the main theme of a series of romantic love ice cream ice cream products, on this basis, with desserts, pastries, beverages, snacks and other delicacy, completely subvert the traditional ice cream stores a single product line, the fashion beauty and romantic lovers, women, children, the elderly, business people, white-collar petty audience catch! It is no exaggeration to say that the equivalent of Italian ice cream shop, Taiwan tea shop, icy cool drink shop, Fresh Juice coffee shops, dessert, homemade yogurt shop, Taiwan snack, fried mutton roast shop eight stores combined a romantic love to open a franchise store.

Taiwan ice time

ice time fresh ice cream tea is a variety of delicious diversified delicious ice cream shop, drinks and other characteristics of everything delicious, enjoy a station. Fresh tea ice cream ice cream to redefine the meaning of excellence in taste and style, won the favorite diner. Over the years with a number of media and network platform to increase publicity efforts to strengthen brand building >

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