Dedication to make Zhang Jiuli a round entrepreneurial dream

than ordinary people, people with disabilities want to do, need to pay more efforts. Jilin’s Zhang Jiuli, although suffering from disability, but she never gave up the dream, with their own efforts and perseverance, out of a successful road to entrepreneurship.

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Charcot Marie Tooth disease, suffering from this terrible disease would slowly paralyzed, finally because of respiratory muscle death. "When I was a child, my body was very thin, and the ability to run and jump far behind my peers. With the increase of age, I gradually became teeter feet varus. During my college years, my condition developed rapidly, and the ability to run and jump was completely lost. Walking was getting more and more difficult, and even my hands began to shrink." However, it is such a problem to take care of themselves are girls, never exposed fear, never give up life, and finally embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

2006, Zhang Jiuli rented a 10 square meters of houses, began the production of bamboo fiber cleaning products. "Just starting that array, even sewing machines are not only to borrow, then, the factory produced cloth into a piece of clean cloth. The cleaning cloth is produced, because it is new, many dealers do not accept, I can only carry a washbasin, filling water, one by one to their presentation." Listen to the story of Zhang Jiuli, the reporter seems to see her dragging the legs of the inconvenience, holding the product in the major shopping malls in the figure.

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