Open the shoe store profits are not high

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of the present state of life is not very satisfactory, through entrepreneurial change this state should be very good, the choice of business good project is the key to make money, how to open a shoe store? High profits? Entrepreneurial shop if you want to succeed, you need to pay attention to a lot of things, such as the opening of the shoe store, as the owner of the shoe store, not only better products, services must be done in place! So what about the profits of a shoe store? Come and see!

name to be innovative, should contain a unique business philosophy. Do not be too enthusiastic service, but let the guests have a chance to easily browse, and then take the initiative to do some simple introduction. In the details reflect the humanized management idea, for example, can prepare a book, what advice or customers pick in a boots but no suitable number can leave their views, to shop more than the opportunity to make money for.

shoe store profit analysis:

operating area: 10 square meters.

store rent: 30 thousand yuan / year.

shop decoration: 20 thousand yuan.

employee wages: 1500 yuan / month (1).

stocking funds: 80 thousand yuan.

other costs: 2000 yuan / month (mainly for the purchase and utilities).

average turnover: 1500 yuan / day.

if you want to do this business, must put the cost of profit should be considered clear, so as to better manage their own stores, in fact, no matter what entrepreneurs do to join the industry, what brand, they are most concerned about to join the store profits, because the entrepreneur’s intention is to get interests! So in the above, on the shoe store profit analysis, you know? For the opening of the shoe store is not echocardiography?

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