Open shop to prevent the purchase of new products to find the buyer to pay attention to four points

a lot of novice in the shop will always encounter some thorny problems, such as how to find a good source of goods, how to pay attention to purchase cheated, etc.. The online shop must first consider good supply of goods, "goods" and "good faith" is the two important pillars of good money shop, shop, shop supply determines the quality of the goods and the accumulation of credibility, so to solve the supply problem of the shop is the fundamental problem of novice shop.

how to find a good supply? Can’t wait to find new sellers purchase methods and ideas. Here are a few suggestions for reference:

A, for excellent source:

to temporarily abandon the interests in goods is a penny goods, a good supply can be accumulated to praise reputation, this is the shop at all! Novice shop unless there is a supply basis, otherwise don’t rush horse shop. Go to the small commodity wholesale city such as local sourcing difficult at first, because the initial purchase amount is not enough, not paying attention to such small wholesalers and distributors, several shipments of it have a headache, so right on the novice sellers are not happy ending is prepared.

two, the choice of product varieties too little:

in the purchase consideration, good product knowledge, one can avoid getting counterfeit goods, the customer is asked to explain the two to pay. If you are not familiar with the product, in the purchase before at least first familiar, if the customer advisory product structure, material, color, size, quality and other issues, novice sellers should be able to do the customer can feel the answer fluently, professional sellers, will increase the sense of trust, so as to successfully sell goods.

three, the purchase price is also need to take into account:

online sales best is 50-300 yuan between products and products between 50-150 and is the best path for new products, so the seller purchase should be the mainstream goods price near goods. Shop in the goods, too expensive buyers do not think it is too cheap and suspected fake, customer psychology is the case, so you have to take into account to get the store >

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